DRVC 2020 offers an oppurtunities to professionals, experts and students to present their research papers on various themes on disaster. Selected papers will be allowed for shorted presentation and/or published in the proceeding volume.


The conference aims to update the knowledge base of disaster management professionals by communicating the latest practices and developments evolved in various parts of the globe. Anything and everything that qualifies as a disaster gets discussed in the DRVC. The  proposed themes are:

  1. Pandemics: Response, Resilience and Regression
  2. Community approach in Disaster Management
  3. Policy Development in Disaster Management
  4. Public Health & Emergency Medicine
  5. Public Administration & Disaster Management
  6. Science and Technology Approaches in Disaster Management
  7. Cross-cutting themes
  8. Special Session- “Recent Disaster Risk & Vulnerability in Indian Context”
  9. Disaster education: issues and solutions
  10. International players in disaster management
  11. Human migration and humanitarian actions

These are some of the themes to be discussed. Broader areas could also be accommodated.


Abstracts not exceeding 300 words excluding primary pages, annexure and references should be emailed to the Convener at drvc.disaster@gmail.com on or before September 20th, 2020. September 25th, 2020.

The abstract should use Times New Roman throughout. It should have a title (Upper case, bold, font size 12), author names — please do not prefix Dr, Mr/Ms etc – (upper lower case, bold font size 12) with affiliation mentioning name of the institution and place – avoid designation — (upper lower case, font size 11). The corresponding author name should be indicated with an asterisk (superscript). Each abstract should have four to five key words (italics, font size 11). Paper title, author(s) name and their affiliation should be center aligned, body text of abstract should be justified on both sides with 1.5 line spacing and font size of the text should 12 pt. Finally a paragraph not more than 300 words summarizing the main findings and arguments of the proposed paper and it’s significance

Abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific review committee based on the themes of DRVC 2020. Acceptance will be communicated through email.


After submitting the abstract, authors are encouraged to prepare full paper not exceeding 6000 words in .doc format. Selected papers after peer-reviewing and copy-editing would be published in an ISBN volume. The references should follow the APA style. Authors will be intmated by email about paper acceptance.

The deadline for submitting the full paper will be updated in the website.

The full paper formatted to A4 (210 mm x 297 mm) size, after having been scrutinized and accepted, will be printed, by offset process. Therefore, the text of the paper in English must confirm strictly to the following requirements and be free from errors.

  • Full paper should not exceed 6000 words in .doc formats
  • Font size 12pt, Times New Roman with a line space of 1.5.
  • Title of the Paper should be in upper case, font size 12pt, bold with center alignment
  • Author’s name should be given 12 point, Bold Upper-Lower case (Do not prefix name with Mr./Ms./Dr./Prof.)
  • Affiliations (organization and place) should be in 11 point italics
  • Email address
  • The full paper should have a Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Material & Methods, Results & Discussion and with References.
  • Tables and Figures should be supplied as seperate files
  • All symbols and abbreviations should be properly defined; superscripts, subscripts and ambiguous characters should be clearly indicated.

The extended abstract not conforming to the stipulated format are liable to be rejected.


Presentation by selected candidates will be through the online mode. Candidates will be allowed to present for 15 minutes and 5 minutes will be given for discussion. The PowerPoint presentation may carry maximum of 20 slides.